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Friday, October 28, 2005

Involuntary Spasms

Today came the news that liberals across the country have been waiting on pins and needles for. Sort of.

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, until recently Vice-President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, was indicted on five felony counts, supposedly all related to the so-called "Plame affair," the name for the year-long finger-pointing being done by Bush opponents trying to nail their enemies for "blowing the cover" of a CIA desk jockey. There's only one problem. None of the counts are related to the supposed leak itself. They're all related to the investigation into the leak.

Two counts of perjury, two counts of making false statements (also known as "the Martha Stewart rule") and a count of obstruction of justice were handed up from the grand jury today. All of these counts relate to Libby's behavior before the grand jury, not related to whether or not he - or anyone else for that matter - leaked sensitive information to the press for any reason. So what, exactly, has this grand jury determined so far? They believe that someone has lied to them, and that's about it.

Still, the Left is unleashing ululations of joy at the news, despite the audible gnashing of teeth over the fact that their real target, Karl Rove, is still in the clear. Despite the incredible amount of media attention that would have you believe that this is the Story of the Decade, their questions to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald this afternoon revealed their true agenda - the number of times Rove was mentioned or alluded to in questions at Fitzgerald's press conference belied their disappointment that Public Enemy #1, the man who is really running things at the White House, King Karl, is still out of their grasp. So they did the next best thing. The Bush Presidency is doomed, you see, because a staffer for the Vice-President may have lied to a grand jury abuot something. Wheel out the Dom Perignon!

Libby, of course, while innocent until proven guilty, isn't exactly blameless in this. If in fact it is proved in court that he is guilty of perjury and obstruction charges, he deserves to do the time. But if we're being fair, should we not compare his case to that of another recent high-profile perjury case dealing with the Executive Branch? Perhaps you may have heard of it, it dealt with a fairly high ranking person in the White House. This individual was accused of being the target of nothing more than a partisan attack, that he didn't do anything wrong, and that the case was about something other than it really was. The special prosecutor in his case was savaged and personally impugned for years.

Comparitively, Patrick Fitzgerald has NOT been treated as a pariah, and has actually faced more savage remarks from those who want to see him indict Rove than from those who pooh-pooh this entire investigation. But once again, the Left sees the individual being charged with perjury as actually being charged with something else. Last time it was adultery, in order to make the accused seem like they've done nothing wrong. This time, it's treason that the supposed perjurer is guilty of, and one prominent liberal commentator is suggesting that he should hang for it, saying this before he's even charged with anything but perjury, before he's even convicted.

It's a day of celebration for the Left, and they can have it. Tomorrow, they'll wake up and realize that they have accomplished none of their goals, and the Bush Presidency will be humming along without being weakened in the slightest. Cheers!


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