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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reaping what you sow

By most peacenik accounts, the French should not be experiencing what they have been going through for the past week on the outskirts of Paris. After all, the French have steadfastly refused to become involved in taking the fight to terrorists - in fact, they have been involved in trying to stop the United States and her allies from executing the war where it needs to be executed. One would expect that Islamist violence would spare the French.


For the last week, rampaging Muslim youth, using as their excuse the unfortunate death by electrocution of two Muslim teenagers (who while running from police that apparently were not even chasing them, chose to hide in a power station), have been shooting at police, setting fires to privately-owned businesses, lighting cars and public buses ablaze, and throwing rocks at trains. In the radical Muslim world, this is more than an appropriate response.

The rioters are claiming that the French government is ignoring their plight in these poor suburbs. Once again, it's always the government's fault whenever people don't have jobs or are living in poverty. Of course, in France, the government has made it their responsibility to be the people's nanny from cradle to grave, so it's possible that these rioters have a point.

But what more lame excuse could a group have for causing mass chaos than two idiot kids who, after apparently doing something wrong (why else would they think they cops were chasing them, and why else would they want to escape them?), made themselves instant candidates for the Darwin Award by hiding in a power station. The truth is that these young Muslims were mostly looking for any excuse to start causing mayhem. It's all they see on the news - their "brothers in arms" advancing their cause through jihad. Preachers in mosques throughout the Middle East and even in an increasingly secular Europe teaching intolerance and hatred for the West. Is it any wonder that France, which is now bending over backwards to make atheism the state religion, is having a hard time staying out of the Islamist crosshairs despite their Neville Chamberlain-like approach to terrorism?

Jacques Chirac must know this: it is beginning with riots today, but al-Qaeda is no doubt watching what is going on, and rest assured that no end result will satisfy their desires. These riots will, in and of themselves, give al-Qaeda the weak excuse they need to add Paris or Marseille to their hit list. The Metro will become as juicy a target for these bloodthirsty radicals as was the London Underground or as the MTA in New York remains. Chirac has an opportunity to put his foot down and actually deal with Islamist violence in his own country, and in defense of his own country, join the fight internationally against terrorism wherever it is found. Or, he can simply whine and whimper, acquiesce to these insane youth, and hammer another nail in the coffin of the French Republic.

Come on, Jacques. Prove us all wrong about how you're just a "cheese-eating surrender monkey" and join the good fight. Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.


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