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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nudge me if something important happens

I honestly didn't think there could be anything less important or "scandalous" than the so-called "Plame affair." Boy, was I ever wrong.

Alberto Gonzales fired eight US Attorneys last fall.

Our Republic is in grave, mortal danger, isn't it?

Really, it's kind of a circus of stupidity on both sides of the aisle, but the ravenous screeches from people like Chuck Schumer (who never met a Republican he didn't think should resign for some reason) underline that the true march of moronics is coming, once again, from the left.

The real shocker here - Gonzales' firings may have been political. Oh, you don't say! You mean people holding politically appointed positions can lose their jobs over politics? That never, ever happens, right?

I mean, we all remember the nerve-wrenching Constitutional crisis that ensued when Bill Clinton fired 93 federal prosecutors when he first took office, including one that was close to indicting Dan Rostenkowski, a key Clinton ally in the House, and several that were working on indictments pursuant to some failed Arkansas business venture known as Whitewater.

Remember the way the talking heads breathlessly expected the worst and demonized the Clintons? No? Me neither.

The attorneys in this case were supposedly fired because (gasp!) they were being lax in investigating voter fraud. I thought Democrats were the ones who were supposed to be the big watchdogs against voter fraud - you know, like the fraud that was perpetuated in 2000, 2002, and 2004 (but somehow was missing from the 2006 elections - maybe those firings sent a message, eh?).

But the message now is this - don't consider that this is something which happens all the time with federal prosecutors. Don't consider that it's been done before, and will likely be done in the future. The key here is simple, and actually related to the previous non-story, most likely. That whole Plame thing just isn't sticking (gee, wonders never cease), so let's find something else to stick on this Presidency. When a scandal doesn't exist, make one up.

Republicans, for their part, are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. When questions were raised, they headed for the hills instead of standing there, taking the questions, and answering confidently, "yeah, we did fire them, so what?" Lies and half-truths were told. Dumb move. Now the cacophony is only louder, because if there's a cover-up, there must be something wrong.

Now comes the real concern - Gonzales, while not exactly pursuing his duties in the War on Terror to the same level as his predecessor, is still carrying himself better than anyone the Democrat-controlled Senate would ever be willing to confirm if they had the opportunity. And it's very, very apparent that they are salivating at getting that opportunity if they can force Gonzales to resign. They play hardball with Bush, and Bush, as is the norm for him lately, caves and puts up someone they'll get through, and their execution of duties at the Department of Justice as it pertains to the War on Terror is going to be much closer to that of Janet Reno than that of John Ashcroft.

All Gonzales has to do for this to pass is to not resign. The caterwauling will eventually die down, and history will forget any of this nonsense ever happened.


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