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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I Am A Conservative

Um... hi.

I'm not a racist, or a homophobe. I don't live in a double-wide, or eat fried food or own a gun. And I don't know Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin personally, although I'm sure they're really, really nice.

I am a concerned citizen, not part of an angry mob. I speak plain English, not a nuanced, politically correct substitute, and I never had a slavish devotion to George W. Bush or the Republican Party. I proudly display my love of my country, regardless of who the President is. I believe in the individual, not in stereotyping people into groups, the melting pot, not in a multiculturalism that separates us, and that the SUV is a proud and noble icon of American design and ingenuity.

Speech is a natural right, I listen to talk radio but I don't get my "marching orders" from it, and I think President Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya.

I believe that making a profit is not evil, and businesses which make money create and nurture jobs. America is the greatest nation on Earth, as evidenced by the millions who come here and try to come here, even to the point of breaking our laws to come here, every single year. I believe in the Constitution as a strict framework for government which was made difficult to change for a reason.

My name is Tom, and I... am... a CONSERVATIVE.

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