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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Many Faces of Eric Massa

Freshman congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) made some waves this week when he was caught on camera openly defying the will of his constituents:

MASSA: I will vote for the single payer bill.

PARTICIPANT: Even if it meant you were being voted out of office?

MASSA: I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district, if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful.

(inaudible participants' comments regarding the "interests" of the district statement from Mr. Massa)

MASSA: I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them.

Where have you gone, Mr. Massa? What about your principled stand against your party on cap-and-trade, back when your constituents apparently knew what they were talking about when they gave you their opinion?

"Today I voted against the Cap and Trade bill because of several concerns," said Congressman Eric Massa. "Let me begin by saying that I know global warming is real and we must take steps to address this situation, however I don't think this proposal takes us in the right direction. I was also deeply concerned by the fact that hydrogen fuel cell technology did not receive any attention in this legislation. Additionally, my constituents have told me in overwhelming levels that they wanted me to reject this plan, and as their Representative, I take their opinions very seriously. I was also upset by how rushed this process was. We have a district work week coming up and I would have liked the opportunity to hold more townhall meetings while this issue is on the front burner to hear what the families of Western New York thought about Cap and Trade."

Woof. So Mr. Massa uses his constituents for cover when he bucks the party, but knows better than they do when it comes to their health. Is this really what the Southern Tier wants in their representative in Washington?


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